Bio: Newall & the Gang™

2021 Update: Greatest Misses redux, the best of the best of, coming out soon! 

[Updated: Oct., 2017] Newall & the Gang™ is the latest iteration of the Ashley Newall Band, originally formed in 1998 (in Ottawa). We released our “best-of/best-yet” double-album called "Greatest Misses" in 2015, then gigging under the moniker Ashley Newall & the Raging Suburbanites.

We have 4 CD's to our credit (plus the aforementioned "Greatest Misses" double-album, which came out on CasSed™); 2000's Shakespeare In the Park, 2008's In Between, 2010's Ashley Newall LIVE, & 2011's Light the Lamp. 

Newall & the Gang™ are a trio formation, featuring myself -Ashley Newall- on acoustic guitar, Jack MacGregor on drums, & Adam Fogo on "lead bass"(!) & electric viola da gamba. Previous concert venues played include Zaphod Beeblebrox, Irene's Pub, & Bluesfest (in Ottawa), and Clinton's, The Rivoli, & C'est What (in Toronto). Our sound is best described as eclectic, straddling everything from pop-rock to folk to reggae to latin & beyond.

Contact: ashnewall at gmail dot com

[Photos by Remi Theriault for Trackster]