Waste The Night (Save the Day): The Story Behind The Song

I'm intermittently posting the individual tracks from my "Greatest Misses: A-Sides" this summer coupled with a story behind each song, & "Waste The Night (Save The Day)" is the 2nd of these...

This track contains a great mish-mash of the players I jammed with prior to the Ashley Newall Band forming in 1998. Rod Christie & Lou DiFlorio -on lead guitars- I jammed with in Toronto before I moved to Ottawa, as well as Mick Cooper on bass (Mick also played on the “Three Paper Thin” cassette). Then there's Darin Edwards on drums with whom I'd been playing in Ottawa since shortly after arriving in '95 (starting together in Burti Lasky in '96 w/ Sean Stephens & Paul Sadlon). With two, two, two songs in one (the 2nd of which being my one & only 'thrash' turn), chalk one up for 'adventures in songwriting.'

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