The First One's Free

Welcome to my new webpage. It's quick, & easy to automatically load content - what can I say? It's made to order.

I've just heard that a big, successful band call SEMTAZONE from France will be sharing the stage with Ashley Newall & Friends + the Chris Cawthray Trio @ Avant Garde (Ottawa) on Fri. Oct. 23rd. They were pointed towards Avant Garde by no less than the FRENCH EMBASSY! It's going to be one hell of a show - these people really know their stuff. You can check 'em out @

To celebrate the launch of my new website I offer you a free mp3 download of "I'll Do Ya" off my 2008 EP In Between. Click here to download (directly off reverbnation).

Cheers, & I hope to see ya back here soon!


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