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Ashley Newall Photography: 2013 Retrospective

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Stompin’ Tom night raises more than $1,900 for soup kitchen

Come Stomp Along: A Night of Music for Charity in Tribute to Stompin' Tom Connors (Fri., April 19)

March 29 @ P'tit Cafe de l'Auberge (St. Andre, PQ)

"Hey Earthling" by Ashley Newall & Keri Davey

Stoney Martins & The Outriders (feat. Chicken Bangers), Feb. 22 @ Avant Garde

Ashley Newall Photography: 2012 Concert Photos (Sundry)

Open Mic Wednesday Nights (@ the Lunenburg)

Allaire Show feat. Ashley Newall @ Quinn's Pub: Jan. 12, 3pm